New product on the market of Ukraine

     The principle “Only the best for our consumers!”

     The company “Best Alternativa” launches a new product on the market of Ukraine. It offers rice oil under the trade mark “World’s Rice”.

     Rice oil is truly unique oil. This is both an indispensable dietary product with high biological value and the universal cosmetic care of skin and hair. Natural rice bran oil is acknowledged to be “health oil” around the world. Rice oil is produced by cold pressing of rice bran. Entire rice grain consists of an outer relatively coriaceous coat that is easily separated from flower glume (chaff), under which there is brown “hulled” grain and its colour is determined by several layers of hull (bran). Rice bran contains about 85% oil, 10% protein, 80% thiamine, 70% minerals and cellulose, 50% riboflavin and 65% niacin of entire rice grain. When grinding the rice, bran is completely come off.


Gluten-free pancakes of rice-buckwheat mixture and hard cheese


Gluten-free pancakes of rice-buckwheat mixture and hard cheese.


· A mixture of rice and buckwheat 250 g
· Chicken eggs large 1 pc.
· Vanilla sugar 5 g
· Sugar 1 tbsp l
· Milk 1 cup milk (200 ml)
· Hard cheese (not salty) 30 g
· 20 g butter
· Salt 1 pinch
· Lemon Cedar ½ tsp